Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vision of Our Church

Today, I'm not sure what time of the morning it was but I awakened with a sense of gratitude to the Lord. I had just been in a service in our church and the experience was very humbling.

I was sitting to the side of what was the platform area and as I looked to my left there were rows upon rows of people awaiting ministry, as i looked in front of the platform the same picture of rows as far back as you could see all filled with people from all walks of life and ethnicity.

Tears began to fall from my eyes and these words echoed in my spirit, "behold, what the Lord has done!"

This is an awesome time in Christ and in Christ Alive ... the minstry time had something to do with Living Word CC being at our church and Pastor Lynne either getting ready to pray or to minister.

A Word In Prayer

The word of the Lord came to me as I prayed and meditated:

"Open the gate that the righterous which keep faith may enter in" - Isa 26:2

Lord, today, grant us entrance into your secret place of rest and grace, and pour upon us a greater measure of your spirit.

Vision of November 18

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the vision, the colors were vibrant and the engaging of the people and events were extremely vivid. I had moved to New York and living in the same place on Nostrand Avenue.

One morning when I got up I had not remembered alternate side of the street parking rules. When I looked out the living room window from upstairs I didn't see my car and so I asked mom if that was still in place. She didn’t really know so a I asked someone else in the home who seemed like Audrey my sister but I don’t recall her knowing either.

I ran out because I didn’t see my car at all. When I got outside the place seemed different with the buildings and I saw police in blue and what I thought were traffic police in a green/brown uniform like the police in Tulsa.

I saw a couple of caucasion men standing with one or two of these green uniformed people and speaking and made my way over to them to ask if they had towed my car, but by the time I got there the uniformed people had left. The gentleman standing there looked at me in a very unusual way as if he didn’t want to talk to me when I asked him what had happened. He looked somewhat familiar but I don’t recall knowing him. He was with a younger man who was not in focus.

Interpretation: Here in Jamaica, and as we pray for various geographic locations we must apprise ourselves of the "rules of engagement" for that territory. Who are we against, what is the right strategy, what are we able to do and not allowed to do, then we will be succesful in territorial incursion into the enemies camp.

I then began to drive around and it seems that my mom was with me. We went down one road, made a right, then a left and spun around on purpose go back in the opposite direction on this road. (I was driving on the same side of the road as I would in Jamaica)

Interpretation: I am going travelling the road of the Spirit as I feel is right, as I have made decisions over time they have been right in making the adjustments that I have made but I have come to a place that I am going in the wrong direction but on the right road. Recently I made several adjustments, personally and in our ministry that have resulted in a greater momentum in my personal prayer, relationship and momentum in Christ. I made a significant retracing of my steps beginning in first quarter 2008, This sees to have been an affirmation of the moves made during this past year.

As I proceeded down the road I came to what seemed like some green branches in the street. It actually looked like ackee leaves on them. They were not a significant obstruction and I could drive over them easily with the vehicle that I was in. While coming toward the spot however, I also noticed at least one small dog in the middle of the branches, it was white with long ears and brown spots on the ears and face. It was hidden at first but popped its head up as I came closer. I ran over the dog and heard it yelp and yelp but I didn’t want to stop and help it. I didn't think it significant enought to stop. I did eventually stop in the intersection and got out of the car a little ways down the road. I really stopped because I was concerned that someone would report my car as the one that killed the dog.

Interpretation: We (I) should be careful as I continue down the right path in the road. We will be coming to what looks green, lush and wonderful and and because of pride and our own importance will not regard the weak and vulnerable in our midst. But will overrun them and destroy their lives because of our disconnection from them and their circumstances.

Then I noticed a man walking on the opposite side, a litte way off and he seemed to be talking or controlling something on the roadway but I couldn’t see anything. I remember as a boy in NY there were people that would walk with a dog's chain but there would be no dog on it. Then, on a corner opposite me I saw a little spider that was moving around. I don’t think it was very significant.

Interpretation: I did not receive and interpretation from the Lord for this portion off the vision except to say that the spider indicated demonic presence and the man and his actions indicated mental challenges in our midst.

Vision of November 16

November 16, 2008

This morning about 3am I participated in this vision from the Lord. As I was moving in the vision this number was show on the side of a truck or panel in what I saw: 12472

Then an angel standing near me said I was granted 2 gifts for this season, I asked him if one was deliverance from my long time challenge in the flesh but he did not respond.

I was two boys from KC, they were at a place where they were dancing in the road and were being heckled by some other boys at a lower level in the roadway. They boys from KC seemed to be of mixed heritage, both had a small beard like growth in the middle of their chins but not much if any on the sides of their chins. They continued to dance duringthe heckling.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prayer Today

I spoke with a friend this morning who was headed for another part of world on a mission trip. The brief conversation was good but something happened a bit later in the day. At about 1240pm I had just returned to my office from the morning session of a leadership seminar.

As I sat before the computer a sense of intercession / prayer overtook me for the team that was enroute to their mission field. Several things came out of the prayer, mostly tongues but some of the few english words were:

open, open, be open
door of utterance be opened to them

heavenlies, be open ...

move in, move in, heavenelies be opened ...

several other things were prayed with one or two interspersed english words that I don't immediately recall.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Acts Chapters 3-4

November 3, 2008

These verses were significant to me in today's reading.

Acts 3:19 NKJV
"... so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord."

Acts 4:13 TLB
13 When the Council saw the boldness of Peter and John and could see that they were obviously uneducated non-professionals, they were amazed and realized what being with Jesus had done for them!

A SECOND FILLING (Post Pentecost)
Acts 4:31 NKJV
31 And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.

Acts Chapter 2

November 2, 2008

The power of Apostolic Evangelism ... I had not heard the term before. I was lying on the couch just thinking about what I had just read when the two words echoed in me. We can reach many, we must be ready to follow the lead of the Spirit and he will carry us into this level of ministry.

The ability of the evangelist to reach hundreds or thousands ...

Acts 2:41 NKJV
Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

11AM Worship Service

Today our worship was interrupted by the Holy Spirit for prayer over areas of Indian and Israel. We had the sense that there were several battle fronts in the spirit realm that required our input at that moment.

There was also the sense of an alignment that needs to be prayed through for the Caribbean. Alignment in the natural that brings spiritual alignment also. The Caribbean, said the Lord, would be a key launching point for ministry into SA and NA.

There was a significant sense of warring or significant activity in the spirit realm over the United States, some specific areas in particular but we were not instructed to pray over these issues.

"This season brings the beginning of the realignment of World Powers, the influence of some will increase and others will decrease. What has been the child will take on the role of a parent, what has been a colony will lead the colonizer, he who has been the slave begins to lead. There is a shifting in the atmosphere and change comes for the prophetic word must be fulfilled."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Acts 1 - First Day of Fast

Today, I took Holy Communion and although I read the chapter within the last few days, I read it again and thoughfully meditated on some aspects that seemed more relevant today.

To be baptized into Christ, Receving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I looked into this and realized that the word "Baptizo" not only means the immersion, but it also connotes the dying - changing of the appearance to outward observaton. Apparently, the choice of the word is significant to what has occured in us, a baptism of fire (power) that eternally changes what and who we are.

I spent some time in HWT and prayed briefly, also driving in the Red Hills Road area.

Please remember to pray for Zek... and the downtown Kingston area.

Pastor W

Covenant Group Study, Prayer and Fasting

Purpose: For the Present Glory - that God will move through us to touch the world around us. That apostolic foundation be established in us as it was in the early church disciples and we flow in the power of the Spirit. That we recognize our daily walk "in the Spirit of Christ."

A word from the Lord this morning, November 1, 2008 at 7am:

"Whatever your desire, call upon me, and I will do it"

When I heard these words a great sense of responsibility came upon me, what should I ask?

Then, the scripture "He will give you the desires of your heart came alive." I thought about Solomon and his request when facing a similar situation. I asked for the wisdom to handle the things of this life, to have a heart for the lost soul and to be able to bring life tranforming power to my nation.

That is His desire, that we "walk in the Spirit" fulfilling His desire for our lives and those that he has placed in our charge. How awesome and gracious is our Lord who blots out our sin and causes us to always triumph in Christ Jesus.

Pastor W

October 2008 Updates

I have been neglecting several entries that I logged in my notes but not on the blog. Here are some:

10/06/ 2008
In prayer repeateadly came the word "Tade", "Tade" tongues then over and over ... I do know someone by that name and I trust that God's purpose in prayer was fulfilled for them.

In that same time these words kept coming "ever wet in Bochavone could be Bo Chavone," the spelling may be inaccurate but the statement is. Again tongues and praying for Bo chavone.

I was shaken out of sleep about 3am or so and these words were spoken into my spirit and they were so emphatically spoken that it shook me awake:

"Holiness unto the Lord"

Just before the words were spoken I was in what appeared to be a vision of an early experience in my life that took me down the wrong road before the Lord. As I stood and watched the event unfold - this had occured in New York in the middle 80's - I had a sense of regret to have ever opened the door to such a thing knowing Jesus Christ and having tasted of the good word of God.

At this point, the words echoed over me and I realized that the issue had so taken my mind I thought myself disqualified from levels of intimate fellowship with God. Although those things had been physically left behind, periodically the thoughts of what had happened kept coming back to re-energize the sin conscious side of me.

These word, "HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD" was God's way of telling me to move on and forget the past because he has already done so and I am "Holiness unto Him." Today, I am His workmanship created unto good works ... the root of sin is dead, let it die, it is eradicated from my soul never to live again.

three words were obvious in my heart during this day of prayer and meditation: Purpose, Hope, Dignity.