Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Over the last few days I've listened to Pastor George Delaney share on the topic "what in the world am I here for?" I really started thinking about the subject and especially in reference to the life of Joseph.

Joseph had a dream which showed him a bit of his destiny but not how he would get there. The Lords plan involved several 'assignments' in his life. Each assignment had its own set of tests and passing was critical to getting to the next level of God's plan.

The Pit, Potiphar's house, the Prison, Paraoah's Palace, the visit of his brothers to obtain grain were all assignments. The tests showed either Godly character and integrity or shows the lack of it. I thought on this for a while and was moved by Joseph's consistent commitment to his Faith and righteousness.

I wonder what we would have done faced with the same conditions? Many of us cut corners, fall shy of integrity and good character and believe that God 'understands.' In Jamaica, ethics seem to depend on 'what is in it for me' or depend on 'who's doing what.' Righteousness depends on personal interpretation of the scripture and not on God's Biblical injunction against unholy and unrighteous conduct.

Our 'purposed' destination in Christ is only achievable when we live each assignment and come out of the testing phase with God's result and not our crafty and carnal device. Lord, take me through each season of assignment and craft each test to bring me forth as pure gold. AMEN

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lessons of Faith 12: DETERMINED TO RESIST

Yesterday, February 23, was our morning slot at the local prison. The meeting went well, The Lord showed up tremendously as we ministered to the men. But something really challenged me in the atmosphere of ministry.

At one point I felt a great resistance and asked all gathered to stand with me and pray, we did and then discoverd there were some men outside who found it necesaray to leave the large campus and find their way to the chapel to create confusion. Well, it was not to be and that was subdued.

As we left, the youngest of the three was very mouthy, not directly toward us but speaking loud enough with his two friends for us to hear. "Babylon nah change mi," "mi madda and fadda nah change mi." "not even God caan change mi."

As I contemplated the situation in prayer, the Spirit of The Lord made an interesting observation and issued a question. Why did they leave where they had been, far away, to come to the chapel and to oppose God? In prayer that morning we made a specific statement and declared that we issued a divine summons to draw all that should come to the service that morning to know The Lord. Several we had seen while we were walking to the chapel came as prompted by the spirit of grace, and these also came.

The Lord said to me, I'm calling them, I'm wooing them, I'm touching them and i am winning them. They do not know it yet but the opposing force of evil in and around them is offering great opposition but He (God) wins. I therefore continue to pray for these three young men, Rastafarians, two that seemed subdued to the Holy Spirit and one seemed determined to resist Him. "Lord I break the stronghold of the enemy over these young men and I pray for their deliverance and salvation, inJesus name... Amen"