Friday, February 20, 2015



Father, overthrow the plans of troublemakers, scorners, scoffers, mockers, persecutors, and character assassins. Expose satanic representatives and grant unto us divine strategies and tactics to identify, resist, and overcome plots and plans established for the destruction of the spiritual fabric and vibrancy of our ministry and work. (Psalm 5:10,7:14-16,34:21,35:1-8,52:5,83:1317, 141:10; Esther 9:25; Proverbs 26:27, 28:10; Daniel 3, 6; Matthew 7:15-23; 2 Corinthians 11:14-15):

1. Let them be confounded and put to shame.
2. Let them fall by their own counsel.
3. Let them be turned back and brought to confusion.
4. Let them be as chaff driven by the wind.
5. Let the angel of the Lord persecute them.
6. Let their way be through dark and slippery places, with the angel of the Lord pursuing and afflicting them.
7. Let them be put to shame and dishonor who seek our harm.
8. Let them be turned back and confounded who plan the our hurt.
9. Let destruction come to them suddenly.
10. Let them fall to their own destruction.
11. Let destruction come upon them unawares.
12. Let them stumble and fall into the very destruction they have contrived for us.
13. Let them be wounded and destroyed by the very weapons they have devised for us.
14. Let them be caught in the same net that they set for us.
15. Let them fall in the very pit that they dug for us.
16. Let them be hung by the very noose they constructed for us.
17. Let them be burned in the very fire they have lit for us.
18. Let them be consumed by the very beasts they have prepared for us.
19. Strike them down in the very act of their mischief.
20. Let their mischief be returned to them double-fold.
21. Pluck them out of their dwelling place.
22. Make them like a wheel turning in confusion.
23. Make them as the stubble before the wind.
24. Make them as wood burned by fire.
25. Persecute them with your tempest.
26. Cause fear and terror to grip their hearts.
27. Let them be confounded and troubled forever who plan the hurt and harm for our Ministry, our work and our people.

Jehovah Gibbor, contend with those who contend with us both within and outside our borders; Lord, fight against those that fight against us. We clothe ourselves in Your garments of war. We muster and gather Your devices and Your weaponry from Your divine arsenal.

Make bright Your arrows and let vengeance be Your ultimate goal as You overthrow the chariots, horses, and riders against your divine order in our Ministry and our work. Let terror strike the hearts of our enemies, and cause their hearts to fail.

I bind satanic harassment and rebuke satanic, demonic, witchcraft and religious concentrations (2 Samuel 11:12)I bring to a halt and prohibit all satanic surveillance of our activities and the execution of our plans. (Mark 11:18; Matthew 26:4; Luke 6:11; Acts 16:16-19; 1 Samuel 18:1-30). 

I seal this prayer by the blood of the Lamb and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.