Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today 9/30/08

Visitied KPH again yesterday, Monday, September 29, 2008.

Visited with Jehvari for about 45 minutes, just spoke about school, church and his family. Prayed with him and read Psam 27 (actually he read it) before we entered into prayer. He seemed surprised and yet appreciative that we came to visit with him in the hospital.

He then mentioned two other young men who wanted me to pray with them: Orlando (Omar Rd) and Deryck (Clarendon). Prayed for them and took their information for followup.

While praying for them I had asked them if it was ok to touch them they said ok and as I did I sensed a release into them. As a matter of fact, I stopped praying immedately upon starting because at the first word out of my mouth there was presence of the HS that descended that was unusually strong.

I stopped to ask them if they were christians, one said no, the said he had attended the Jehovah's Witness church a long time ago but he still prayed and read his bible. I shared with them that it was clear that the Lord wanted to be with them and in them.

Orlando shared about his car accident, car got out of control and his ankle and lower leg. Deryck was shot I shared that the devil tried to destroy their lives and they must get back to God. I have the sense that they are christians but don't know it because of teaching in the church in Jamaica.

Jehvari should be leaving the hospital tomorrow 9/30/08. Prayed for his complete recovery and he is able to use his left leg as well as before. Prayed for him in school to catch up quickly in the syllabus. Prayed that he grows in the stature of Christ, he has the mind of Christ, he is strong and courageous in his life and continues to be a blessing in his family.

I had park on the street and this was not a great to park like that without having someone to watch the vehicel. I committed it to the Lord and while I was walking to the car it came to my mind, what if someone had broken into it (it had entered my mind while visiting with Jehvari in the hospital ward also - but I just dismissed it). The Word of the Lord came to me, "Don't you trust me to keep that which has committed to me?"

Prayer today for Kayleigh, strength to fight off the jaundice.
Immune system begin to work as God's design dicatated.
Blood cells (red) begin to live and work according to God's design.
Covered by the blood of Jesus.
Long Life, according the 91st Psalm, Salvation and long life Jaundice arrested in the Name of Jesus.

The name "Darrel" came up in Prayer today also Jason.


Prayer on 9/19/2008

Major Gift - Where and for whom?

The name "yates" came up in prayer today.



Prayer in and for the HWT area

Pray for revelation of hidden things in the financial sector ... vistited the Bank of Jamaica and prayed around the building.

Revelation of the hidden and secret things that they have been trying to keep under the table

The economy, preservation for the sake of the church, maintain the value of the currency.

Start of the Week
These words were received in the spirit: Activate / ignite

The HS prompted these prayers for the Nation of Cuba

Nation be open
Nation be free
Powers of darkness u have to leave
Strongholds be broken

The Word of the Lord received in the moring: Pursue
Rom 14.19
1 cor 14.1
Php 1.8
1 tim 6.11
2 tim 2.22
Heb 12.14
1 pet 3.11

Seed, soil, season

the word of the the Lord received this am: Artificer

eph 2.10

The word of the Lord received this day during prayer conference: "CACC - house of prayer"

The word of the Lord received during prayer at LWCC confernce:
Shomer - guardian this word was received during prayer seminar and I found the meaning today 9/13/08

Monday, September 29, 2008

The New Sense of Intercession

This past weekend has been pretty eventful one. There are challenges of the flesh that seems to be more pronounced attempting to sidetrack the momentum begun here and the catalytic experience in Minneapolis at LWCC recently.

About three or four weeks ago, the Lord had compelled me to go into the Half Way Tree area and intercede. Why? I didn't now except that we were at the time speaking of spiritual gates or seats of authority to the city of Kingston and Jamaica.

I was obedient and drove through the area, prayed as I did, but did not really touch the area again in prayer. This is in spite of having it come to my spirit, I could have in some way while praying in the spirit but my sense is that I had not really done what was needed for the area.

Today, Monday, September 29, 2008 I was a bit annoyed about something that had occurred and to maintain my place of peace I decided to go to a restaurant in the Half Way Tree area (by chance) and while sitting there and reflecting a book I was reading I felt the Word of the Lord come to me.

He reminded me of the command to intercede about the HWT and when he did he brought to mind something that happened about two weeks or so after he had given the instruction. A young girl, 11 years old, was apparently kidnapped and it appears eventually murdered while waiting for a bus in the Bus Center in the heart of HWT.

It is difficult to reflect on these things and not think that somehow this is something that could have been apprehended with the effectual and fervent intercession of God's people. I wonder what would have been had I pursued the sense of prayer for that location.

Today I have resolved that, despite the challenge of time, or my mind working against the leading of the HS with its logic, I will endeavor to press into the prayer call in more fervency.

It does not really matter that we see a result immediately, the "effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." I must PRAY and PRAY effectually and fervently until the gained place of intercession is manifest in my spirit.


Friday, September 26, 2008

CUBA & Region

In prayer today the following was prayed:

Release angelic authorities by name over and into cuba.
Bind spirits of darkness by name over and within Cuba.
Release other angelic forces to engage the enemy and expel them.

Break the rule of the house of Castro ... sever it from the island (Fidel, Raul, and others)
Called other intercessors to arise in the Spirit and echo the Words of the Holy Spirit (Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas, Cayman were particular areas where I sensed intercession)

Realease of the Cuban embargo, passage of bill or executive decision...

Spirits of Islam incursion into the caribbean ... strongholds have been established and some are being established.
Plans to overtake this region with Islamic religion

Strategic direction to be given to surgically strike at the heart of these positions of Islamic authority in the caribbean

Prayer Projects - September 2008

These prayer projects were given by the HS sometime ago, I'm using this medium to log our activity as we pray.

Raise up the guardians ... empower with the truth and wisdom of the Word of God
Position the angelic guardians of the gates
Open the gates and allow the free flow of the presence of God into the nation from these strategic positions

Angelic authorities ... position yourselves in St. Thomas, St. Mary and Kingston
Do battle, suspend the activities of :

  • The workers of witchcraft
  • Spirits of the Occult
  • The spirit of Apollyon
  • The spirit of Antichrist in these geographic areas
Get ready for an open heaven
A new outpouring of the grace of God

Positioning - individuals to assume their God ordained positon of authority
Intercessors - raised in their end time ministry calling

The main square ... (Parade)
Safety, Preservation
The portion by King Street and the Kingston Parish Church
The portion that leades into Orange Street
==== Preserve life, Preserve life

Alignment with Islamica Nations (Change, Reassignment, Regroup, Restoration, National Destiny in Christ)
Economic conditions - Industry - (Spirit of the Dragon)
Released from entrapment
Terrostic Invasion ... Change ... Under Authority ... Must Cease ... Must Leave

Ruling Authority, Communism, broken, brought down, the deceiver unmasked, freedom, freedom

Prayer Project 9.24.08

Name: Jhevari

Request: Broken or cracked hip bones to be healed

Scriptural Basis for Prayer:

Psalm 6:2 Have mercy upon me, O Lord; for I am weak: O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed.
Psalm 34:20 He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.

Name: Jason ...
The mind of Christ formed in him ... his steps ordered of the Lord ... reconciliation to the family of God