Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Healing Testimony #8: Sickle Cell

A young child that was diagnosed with sickle cell was prayed for during one of our neighborhood outreach services.  Several days subsequent to the prayer, the child was taken back to the doctor and the mother was told that the child did not show the sickle cell traits ony longer. 

Glory to God.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Healing Testimony #7: Deaf Ear Opened

In the first outreach of our Evangelim campaign for 2010 members of our healing team prayed for a woman who was deaf in one ear.   The ear was immediately opened by the power of God.    In the same meeting many received healing from back problems and joint pains.   

Healing is indeed the children's bread!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Healing Testimony #6: Shoulder Injury

While getting ready to receive our Wednesday night offering we were led to call for a healing line.  When we did so a woman came up that had pulled her arm in some way so that her shoulder was in pain.  As I took her hand she was noticeably in pain and could not move her hand above her waist or to the left or right. 

We took her hand, commanded her bones and muscles to be normal and joints to be set in place.  We raised her hand and instantly there was a loud popping sound and she was delivered.  She was so thankful that she would not lower her hands as she went back to her seat totally healed.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Healing Testimony #5: Back Injury

As I was looking out my office window one Sunday morning, a woman started walking up the steps toward the main auditorium of the church. As she did, the Holy Spirit said that I should deliver her from her distress in the service that morning.

During the service we called for a healing line but had this woman come up first. The Lord had us command a healing over her body, her spinal column and bones. She was unable to do several things like touching her toes or the ground, raising her hands upright but immediately she was able to do these things.

She testified how she had been to a chiropractor and doctor and that they had prescribed a back brace (cage) for her and periodically she had to be using a cane. Here deliverance was instantaneous and she now stands tall in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Glory to Lord.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Healing Testimony #4: Cancer

After a recent Sunday service a young lady that had been diagnosed with cancer and had been through a mastectomy came to the alter with a great deal of post surgery pain.   As we laid hands on her the pain left. 

What we did not know was that the doctors had told her that the cancer had spread.   We commanded the spirit of cancer to leave and that every cancerous cell die and exit her body.    A few Sundays later she came to testify that she had gone back to the doctors and they had declared her cancer Free - An awesome God!