Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Word in Season

The Global Prayer Alert Network Summary for December 29, 2008 has been a refreshing for us; I know that you don’t all subscribe to the newsletter so I’m including an excerpt of a Word that came from the Lord in the session in Minneapolis on the 29th.

A Word from the Lord came forth… "Seeds that are being sown now in these days, are preparing you for your future days. For My mercy is to be poured out in the days to come. Plans, My plans through you and in you will come right out of you. A boldness and a courage are coming your way. My plans, My will, My strength, and My joy will take you through. Those watching, and those observing will come through too. So, don't allow yourself to be shaken out of My will and My plan. It shall be fulfilled in its entirety." "Each and every day, seeds are being sown for future days, for the times to come, and for the outpouring of My spirit. Hold fast to My plan." "And so, in My book, I have written it plain and clearly for you, so you may go all the way through. You must follow and observe. It is not too late for the important date. Way out ahead, from this day forward, and in the years to come, my book and my word will be fulfilled in its entirety. But there is another book that is written inside of you, it is My will for you. It can be, it shall be, and it will be fulfilled, if you by faith will stick to it and NEVER give up!"

Our Concern and Focus
We must not give in to the attempts to take us away from God’s plan for us. It is our defined destiny to bring clarity and truth about the Word of God to a hurting people. Friends, stick to the call of God, declare your right to take back what the enemy has stolen in our Land, our families and our churches.

Our Enemies Attacks
This scripture is in the forefront of my mind today and it will continue to be key in our storming a new beach-head of prayer for Jamaica and this region. We are apt to want to defend ourselves and fight with physical weaponry which includes our mouths. But we must realize that that kind of fight depletes our spiritual supply … it relegates us to the natural sphere of warfare and then our success is based on our natural ability to engage the enemy.

“Fight the good fight of faith, … for the weapons of our warfare are not natural…” it is imperative that we apply God’s word to any engagement of the enemy, the scripture states:

Isaiah 54:17 (Amplified Bible) 17But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong. This [peace, righteousness, security, triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the Lord [those in whom the ideal Servant of the Lord is reproduced]; this is the righteousness or the vindication which they obtain from Me [this is that which I impart to them as their justification], says the Lord.

My Prayer For Today
Lord, protect from the words of evil men. Preserve us that we fulfill your purpose for this day and each day of the rest of our lives. We thank you that you are our justifier, you are our shield and defence we live in you and by you we exist. Breath upon us anew, a fresh breath of Holy Spirit. Give us the Holy boldness to engage ever uncomfortable circumstance with your Love and your Grace.

We are yours Lord, everything we have, everything we are and what we will become. Continue to mold us into the image of Christ Jesus our Lord.


Pastor Winston …

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Words and Names In Prayer November 2008

The word(name) ashenheim has come up recently, I don't know the significance except to pray in the Spirit.

Exhibiting the Love of God

I know how challenging it can be in our daily lives to develop and show the “love” of God for those that in our charge. I had little personal experience with the day to day responsibility of showing God’s love in my home since I lived alone and I never really had a significant demand placed on me on a personal basis. When Abde my youngest came to live with me, I thought that God had made a mistake, the difficulties and challenges were formidable. The call by the Spirit of the Lord to maintain my love and caring for him, despite his actions, was so apparent. I later related this experience to Hosea’s call and realized that this was a work of God in progress.

Coming to Jamaica dramatically changed this situation and over the last seven years the Spirit of God had been at work to demonstrate to me what it means to walk in daily love for those that are closest to me. Like Hosea, there has been a real life experience at work to demonstrate how God has loved me and loved you in spite of our faults and failings. It has been so aptly demonstrated with my youngest boy who just seems to not make the right decisions, always choosing to do what he should not and then my having to deal with the situations that arise with him.

Life and Authority
God has provided His direction to us, as I provide direction to my youngest boy, yet even though I provide direction he seems to conveniently follow his own. Getting into trouble with me and others and causing me to wonder if he really has subscribed to my authority in his life.

Some questions that arise in my mind follow as I have conversation with the Spirit of Christ:

Do I give up on him? Did God give up on me?
Do I continue to direct him? Did God stop leading me?
Do I keep loving him and having relationship with him? Did God ever stop loving me?
Should I be angry with him? Has God dealt with me in anger?

The list of these juxtapositions can go on indefinitely. But the sense that I get from the Lord is that we must learn and develop His attitude toward those around us and closest to us.

We know that they fail, we know that they misuse us, we know that they don’t listen to our instruction and follow them … but I wonder how we truly follow Christ in our own life and how many times we have been found wanting ourselves in our relationship with Him.

I found this Audio Book online that I have been taking the time to listen to, it was originally written by Andrew Murray in the late 1800’s but is so relevant to this issue. If you have access to the text that would be good but I am providing the link to the MP3 files for the audio. You can download the chapters individually or download the whole book at the bottom of the list as a zipped file that you will then unzip.

Please take the time over the next few days or weeks to use this in your devotional time and give me some feedback about your experience after hearing God’s heart through Brother Murray’s book.