Friday, January 23, 2009


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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Outpouring Begins

Watchnight 2008
During our watchnight 2008 service it was clearly evident that there was a move of the Holy Spirit that was different from our customary Watchnight agenda. We began a prayer of worship about fifteen minutes before the 10pm start time and there was a sense of the presence of God that was tangible.

As we moved into the 10 o'clock hour and we were ready to start the formal agenda, nothing went the way we planned. There was at first a healing flow of the spirit resulting and a woman who was at the church for the first time, received her healing.

Woman's Healing
She was bent over and walked with a cane. As she sat in the congregation, I heard this question as I looked at her, "Why Do You Walk With that Cane?" I asked it aloud and she explained ... so we prayed for her as she sat in her seat then I began to walk away when the Holy Spirit said to me, "that is not faith, have her get up and walk with you!" I did so and noticed the obvious bending forward as if she was suffering from signs of osteoporosis. We walked around the pulpit a few times and then we laid hands on her and there was an immediate straightening of her back as if someone had place her in some kind of device straightened her, it was uncanny to see it as it occurred. There was also an extremely powerful presence of the Holy Spirit present upon her as she herself began to worship.

The Prophetic Flow
Then we entered a vein of the Prophetic anointing, one after the other, the Holy Spirit ministered to the people in specific terms for life and business for 2009.

Young Men In Prayer
One of our teen Prayers, Chris, mentioned to me how he has been compelled to pray during the services for the last couple of weeks and he was joined by another teen doing the same thing. They have been providing their supply to the work of the ministry as we have been engaging this new phase of God's flow in Christ Alive. One teen, who is also on the young men's prayer team has been interpreting the prayers that we pray in the Spirit over those that have come to the altar. It is remarkable to hear and to see the move of God in the lives of these young men who have been joining me in prayer.

Sunday's Report
A young man came to my office this morning just before I left for our Service and gave me an amazing report of what occurred with him the previous Sunday. We had planned the final message of the Series, "THE GIFT," which would be a transition message to the "Living A Visionary Life" to begin in January.

During Praise and Worship, one of our worship leaders began to flow in a vein of the anointing that she had before and there was an outpouring of the Spirit that occurred and several individuals were slain in Spirit at their seats. The manifestation resulted in a tangible healing anointing released into the room.

I called up those that had physical ailments and we prayed for them, some were slain in the Spirit, others were not. But the reports were remarkable.

Wayne, the young who came to me this Sunday, told the story of a long time athletic injury to his knee area that has caused pronounced pain for the last 4+ years. He had been to several Orthopaedists and said they could not find the source of the pain but it was plaguing him and he had resolved that he had to live with it for the rest of his life. He also told me that he wore a brace every dayand that the pain had started to spread across his lower body.

On Sunday, morning as he was ministered to, he said a warmth came over his body and went down to his feet. As it did so, there was a snap and click in his knee and the pain immediately went away. He has been pain free since then.

The Lord is showing us just the cream on the pie, let's press in and experience even more.

More Healings
There were several other healings that were noted during the last months of 2008, deaf ears opening along with depression being lifted are just a couple that I will mention.

The Season of the Outpouring has started and we must contend for the power of God to be released in our midst...

Financial Miracles
I cannot get into the details because of confidentiality but we have seen some major financial miracles occur in our church family ... God is interested in doing great things in our lives. We are destined to do great exploits in every aspect of our lives as we press into his grace.


Pastor Watson

Revival Posts January 2009

This month we begin a series of prayer events seeking God for a revival in our land. This is a time for us reflect on the various outpourings and awakenings that have occurred across the globe over the past hundred years or so. The first that we will look into is the Welsh Revival, you can read about this at,M1.

Our prayer for this year and as long as the Lord leads us to continue has the following scriptural basis:

Habakkuk 3:2
(KJV) O LORD, I have heard thy speech, and was afraid: O LORD, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make [yourself] known; ...

Psalm 85:6
(AMP) Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?

These two scriptures will be the theme for our prayer session and we invite you to join us...

"Almost eight years while still living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I had a vision of Caribbean that has stayed with me. I was taken in the spirit above the Caribbean, as I looked across the area there was a great explosion that began in what seemed like one geographic location and spread across the entire region. The explosion reminded me of what I had seen as the atomic blast in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. It came up in the form of mushroom like cloud and the blast immediately expanded to across the Caribbean."

We have had other prophetic releases of God's purpose to have an awakening in our region and others Like William J. Seymour and Charles Parham who over a hundred years ago prophesied that our day would see the greatest awakening the earth has ever known. It has not yet come to pass and like Daniel, we have reviewed the writings and set our face to seek the Lord.

Pray for us that God will indeed move to meet us at our place of petition.

Pastor Watson

Saturday, January 3, 2009

An Unusual Dream - January 3, 2009

Oral Roberts
I was at a place where it seems that there was a meeting with Oral Roberts. At one point the meeting was over and Brother Roberts begain to walk back to his office. He was ushered into a nice reception area and dissapeared into his office.

It one point I was walking with him and either either spoke directly to me or touched me.

I go to the same door but someone stoped me and took me through another, before he let me in he checked to see if I had any weapons and the allow me into the building. I took the same, "elevator" that Brother Roberts was to have taken (I gather) and began to move through the air. I had never seen an elevator like that, it was for only one person and moved throught the air with apparently no cables or connections.

I could see the terrain as I moved and then it came to a stop.

The Healing
I walked for a minute and then entered what seemed to be a nursing home. The first room had a nurse and it seemed like several patients but I realized there were two.

I walked up to the first man who was suffering from what seemed like a breathing problem and laid my hand on his chest and said that rise in the name of Jesus and he was instantly healed. Then I went to the other man who had a similar issue and was not convinced that God could heal him.

I prayed and he was instantly healed but still didn't really believe. Somehow I fastforwarded to see or understand that he went to his Doctor who confirmed that he was healed. I think he then believed but I had moved on.

The Airline Flight
I was with a group of people that I do not remember, we went out to eat at a restaurant and then we went to take an Air Jamaica flight. When we go there a lot of people were already there. Some people, a small group took too long to come up to the reception are and so they were told there would be an extra charge to take them to the airport, the early arrivals were free.

When they got to the place to be checked was a row of seats with the the last set of about 12 people who were to be boarded. This new group came up and almost got to be checked before the seated group, as I stood aside, I either said it, thought it and and it was commuicated that it was not right for them to be put ahead of the others... I then think they were placed in the appropriate order.

Eating Place
The place we ate was a unusual environment, at first we could not find a seat for the group of about 4-6. I made a place available and sat comfortable in a corner when a man, the manager or supervisor of the restaurant came up and asked if I didn't know that that was his home. I said no, and moved away from the area and asked him if that was ok. I think he said yes but it ended the scene.

I noticed the meal was pizza, the biggest slices of pizza I had ever seen. I don't recall actually eating but did notice that there were several people in the area seated at tables. Some leaving and some coming in.