Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Healing Report

ANOTHER GREAT TESTIMONY: On Sunday, August 29th after service one of our newest members came to me to share a testimony of healing. Her son, now only a few months old was not expected to live. at birth, he was diagnosed with a serious intestinal blockage and the doctors told her to expect him to die any day.

She decided that it was not God's will for him to die so she took a bottle of olive oil to the hospital and anointed him with it and prayed. Three days later, he began to pass his stool and take his appropriate feeding. He was in church with her and had some very good lungs and energy. GOD IS GOOD AND WE MUST WALK IN OUR AUTHORITY!

Imitating Christ - #53: Bearing with the defects of others

God wills us to learn to bear one another's burdens. No one is without faults, no one without his cross, no one self-sufficient and no one wise enough in himself.  Therefore, we must support, comfort and assist one another, instructing and admonishing one another in all charity. 

Adversity is the best test of virtue.  The occasions of sin do not weaken a man; on the contrary they show his true worth.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Sin of Presumption

This coming weekend, I plan to speak on the topic of the Sin of Presumption.   I have heard others teach on the topic - from a FAITH - PRESUMPTION - perspective but I have never seen what has been conveyed to me in my study of the subject from the Holy Spirit's perspective.

"Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins." —Psalm 19:13.

This is an Old Testament, Israel relevant scripture but is still appropriate to us from a spitirual perspective:

"But the soul that sinneth presumptuously shall have no atonement; it shall be out off from the midst of my people." Numbers 15:30

The Amplified Bible reads:
30 But the person who does anything [wrong] willfully and openly, whether he is native-born or a stranger, that one reproaches, reviles, and blasphemes the Lord, and that person shall be cut off from among his people [that the atonement made for them may not include him].

Presumption is almost as dangerous as "Pride" but God seems to hate our presumptious attitude!

Imitating Christ - #52: Bearing with the defects of others

We want to have others strictly reprimanded for their offenses, but we will not be reprimanded ourselves.  We are inclined to think the other man has too much liberty, but we ourselves will not put up with any restraint.  There must be rules for everyone else, but we must be given free rein.  It is seldom that we consider our neighbor equally with ourselves.  

If everyone was perfect, what would we have to endure for the love of God.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

SPIRITUAL SEASONS Part 4: The Prophetic Word

Jacob's prophetic utterance to his son Issachar gives us great insight into Issachar’s calling and anointing.

"Issachar is a strong donkey, Lying down between two burdens; He saw that rest was good, And that the land was pleasant; He bowed his shoulder to bear a burden, And became a band of slaves." Genesis 49: 14-15

• Strong in character
• Shouldered burdens
        o Shoulders represent realms of authority & responsibility.
• Walked in difficult places
• Rested in the LORD-no striving (the secret place)
• Had a vision for the land (harvest field)
• Humble servant

SONS OF Issachar
Looking at Jacob's prophecy, the Issachar anointing is something we need to operate in for our troubled times. SONS OF Issachar were mighty warriors, fruitful, under grace, wise, full of knowledge and had an acute gifting to perceive or discern times, seasons and strategies.

Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand. Revelation 7:7 KJV

In Revelation 7:7 the tribe of Issachar is mentioned one last time as being sealed. That seal is a protection from God's wrath. We too are sealed with the Holy Spirit and can rest in the LORD that we are protected just like the SONS OF Issachar.
As we read in Ecclesiastes 3, everything has its time and purpose under heaven.

Moving in the Issachar anointing during these difficult times will help us to reach our world for Jesus Christ. The world is fearful, without hope and confused. They are unable to discern the times or seasons they need the grace of an Issachar flow to show them the way.

So, what time is it? It's your time; it's your season! Seize that Kairos time of an Issachar anointing and walk in it!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Imitating Christ - #51: Bearing with the defects of others

Learn how to be patient in enduring the faults of others, remembering that you yourself have many which others have to put up with. If you cannot make youself be what you would like, how can you expect another to be as you would like? We wish to see perfection in others, but do not correct our own faults.

SPIRITUAL SEASONS Part 3: Names Are Important

As we can see, if we read about the sons of these two women they named their children after their circumstances or a particular situation. An example is Rachel's 2nd son; she named him Ben-Oni, which means "son of my suffering". The reason was is that she was dying in childbirth and was suffering greatly. Jacob later renamed him Benjamin, which means "son of my right hand". So we can see that naming children had various reasons, some were because of circumstances and others were named for their destiny. As in the case of THE SONS OF Issachar which had destiny in their names.

GENEOLOGY: I Chronicles 7:1-5
7:1 Now the sons of Issachar were, Tola, and Puah, Jashub, and Shimron, four. 2 And the sons of Tola; Uzzi, and Rephaiah, and Jeriel, and Jahmai, and Jibsam, and Shemuel, heads of their father's house, to wit, of Tola: they were valiant men of might in their generations; whose number was in the days of David two and twenty thousand and six hundred. 3 And the sons of Uzzi; Izrahiah: and the sons of Izrahiah; Michael, and Obadiah, and Joel, Ishiah, five: all of them chief men. 4 And with them, by their generations, after the house of their fathers, were bands of soldiers for war, six and thirty thousand men: for they had many wives and sons. 5 And their brethren among all the families of Issachar were valiant men of might, reckoned in all by their genealogies fourscore and seven thousand. 1 Chronicles 7:1-5 KJV

SONS OF Issachar:
There were four sons of Issachar:

• Tola = clothed in scarlet. (red being the color of salvation)
• Puvah = mouth, utterance. (a prophetic voice)
• Job = the persecuted, cry of woe (entire book devoted to Job's life)
• Shimron = watchman

The Issachar anointing flows in the birth of these ministries in the body of Christ.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Imitating Christ - #50: Bearing with the defects of others

If once or twice you have warned a person and he does not comply, do not contend further with him, but leave all in the hands of God, that His will be done and that He be glorified in all His servants, for He knows well how to turn evil into Good.

SPIRITUAL SEASONS Part 2: Understanding the Times

In I Chronicles 12:32 we read about the SONS OF Issachar. They understood the times and knew what Israel should do ... all their brethren were at their command. They were commanders in King David's army and understood battle conditions. They were mighty men of valor. I Chronicles 7:5 What Time is it?

"And their brethren among all the families of Issachar were valiant men of might, …" 1 Chronicles 7:5 KJV

THE SONS OF Issachar had a unique distinction apart from the other tribes (clans) of Israel because they understood the times which, gave them great wisdom and knowledge.

Issachar was born the 9th son of Jacob, 9 speaking of fruitfulness. He was the 5th son of Leah, (FIVE) 5 speaks of grace. His birth is described in Genesis 30:17-18.

17 And God hearkened unto Leah, and she conceived, and bare Jacob the fifth son. 18 And Leah said, God hath given me my hire, because I have given my maiden to my husband: and she called his name Issachar. Genesis 30:17-18 KJV

His name means: (1) wages(2) may God show mercy, and (3) there is reward.

His mother Leah had to pay a price or wage to have Jacob come to her bed the night that Issachar was conceived. The price was giving her mandrakes to Rachael. What was so special about mandrakes? Mandrakes are a special plant with avocado type fruit on them, that when eaten produced fertility. Why did Rachael desperately want them? She was barren and thought she would become fertile and birth Jacob a son, which would take away her shame. Later we see that God pitied her and supernaturally opened her womb.

In Genesis it speaks about the lives of Jacob, Leah, Rachael and their sons. Leah and Rachael were at constant odds with each other you might say they were in a wrestling match. What was their constant battle? They both were after the affections of the same man, Jacob. They had a duel of who could birth Jacob sons and even gave their personal maids to Jacob to make him sons.

Rachael's maid Bilhah bore Jacob a son and Rachael said in Genesis 30:8 "With great wrestlings I have wrestled with my sister, and indeed I have prevailed." So she called his name Naphtali.

It's funny that Jacob wrestled too, if you remember he wrestled with and Angel all night. Genesis 32:24 Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man (Angel) wrestled with him until the breaking of day. It was a theme in that family.

Issachar was birthed in the midst of struggle. He was named Issachar because of the wage Leah had to pay Rachel. The wage or price was high and it would mean that if Rachel became pregnant she would lose any hope of winning Jacob's affection for her.

Rachel was barren at that moment and so Leah had the advantage but she also knew it would all change once she paid the price of the mandrakes.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Imitating Christ - #49: Bearing with the defects of others

There will always be defects in ourselves or others which we cannot correct.  These we must simply tolerate until God in His goodness sees fit to change things. After all, this may be the best possible way to prove our patience, without which our good qualitites are not worth much.

Nevertheless, you must pray earnestly that God in His mercy will help you to bear these impediments with patience.

SPIRITUAL SEASONS Part 1: The Issachar Anointing

Knowing Times and Seasons

Let's read the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verses 1-8.
3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; 3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; 5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; 7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; 8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 KJV

A Time to...

There are 2 basic types of TIME in the scriptures (Chronos & Kairos)

CHRONOS: this is time, as we know it, the ticking clock that cannot be moved backward, ever-moving forward.

• #5703: a continual time into eternity, a forward process, perpetual.
• #5550: a space or succession of time.

KAIROS: this is a specific moment of God's divine intervention in our everyday lives. He enters into kairos time with a door of opportunity.

• #2540: due season, short while, opportunities, right time, chosen time.

We must be in an intimate relationship with the LORD in these turbulent times or as David Wilkerson wrote, in his article "Times of Calamity." We must continue our relationship with the LORD by soaking ourselves daily in His presence, eating His Word and praying continually.

If we do not maintain our relationship with the LORD the distractions of this life can cause us to sleep and miss that Kairos moment!  We cannot risk missing those God opportunities of provision, protection, blessing and destiny that will come our way.   Therefore we need to walk in an Issachar anointing.

And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do;1 Chronicles 12:32 KJV

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Imitating Christ - #48: Work Done From the Motive of Charity 3

True charity is not self-seeking, but goes all the way for the honor and glory of God.  The charitable man envies no one, nor does he seek his own pleasure, but desires above all things to find his joy in God.

How well he knows that no good begins in man and so he refers all to God, fromWhom all things come and in Whom all the Saints find their eternal blessedness.  If he had only a spark of real charity, he would know in his soul that all earthly things are vain.

SPIRITUAL SEASONS (What They and How Do We Relate to Them)

I recently received an email from one of our members with the questions below.   I believe the questions are so important that I will answer them in this forum so that those of you who may also have them will be able to receive the answers.  Each section may have several entries before the complete email is addressed.  Blessing to all of you ...  Here is the email:

Pastor, I have a question about something you said in service while ministering to ----------. You said that she had just experienced a "season of disappointment." That was new to me, I never knew there could be something like that. But then it caused me to think about "seasons" in general and what they mean for each believer.

PART 1 – Spiritual Seasons
1. Do we all experience the same things in each season?
2. For example, it has been declared that it is a new season, but who determines what it will mean for each person?
3. For the persons that have been ministered to, they will have a semblance of what to expect but what of those who are not ministered to, how will they know what the new season will bring for them?

PART 2 – Our Responsibility in Spiritual Seasons
There have also been those who may say that a particular thing has been declared for the season, yet it seemingly never happens.

1. Is it that they have missed it?
2. Whose responsibility is it to bring what has been declared to pass?
3. Is it dependent on the believer or once it has been declared then it is established?
4. And how do we know when the season ends? Do our seasons begin and end at the same time?

PART 3 – The Spirit of Issachar Anointing
The Bible makes reference to the sons of Issachar who understood the times and seasons and what they ought to do. It occurred to me that it referred specifically to the sons of Issachar, does it mean that not everyone has the ability to interpret time and seasons?

I know the Holy Spirit plays a part in all of this, but where is the balance between the work of the Holy Spirit and the role of the believer? A lot of questions, I know but I just need some understanding.

Imitating Christ - #47: Work Done From the Motive of Charity 2

He who loves God much does much, and he does a deed well who performs it for the common good and not to please himself.  Often what appears to be charity is really done for carnal motives; self-love, the hope of a reward or some personal advantage seldom being absent.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kenneth Hagin Prophetic Word (1980)

You are right on the verge, right on the verge of the greatest move and manifestation of the Spirit of God that this world has ever seen.

You’re right on the edge of it; and like on standing on the creek bank about to jump in. And if you’ll give the more earnest heed unto the things which you have heard, not only those things that you’ve heard about faith and those things that you’ve heard about healing, but also those things which you have heard about the Holy Spirit, and the things that you’ve heard about angels, and the things that you’ve heard about Divine Visitation, (for remember that it was prophesied of Joel of old that in the last days, saith the Lord, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams, and upon My hand maidens will I pour out My Spirit, and they will prophecy), so not only will it be that the young men will prophecy, but the young women will prophecy, and the anointing and the out-flow of the Spirit of God shall be great and amazing in those days — for there shall be a visitation of angels. 

Be not afraid, but yet take heed even in these areas, for Satan himself has at times come as an angel of light. But examine things in the light of the scriptures and walk in the light of the Word of God. And sometimes the angel will give you direction, and even in your finances, and the direction that would save you life, as in the case of the shipwreck of Paul, and direction concerning ministry, as the salvation of Cornelius and his household, and Philip as the angel spoke to him to go down to Gaza and the Ethiopian was converted. And so in these days there shall come a mighty manifestation of the Spirit, and the work that God intended should be done in these last days shall be accomplished. For the time is short and things must be speeded up.

And you’ll learn much faster spiritual things then those of yesteryear. And you’ll develop much faster and it’ll be said of some they just virtually matured overnight. And they shall go forth to speak in the name of the Lord, because they understood the principle of faith.

They’ll understand the principles of the Kingdom. And they’ll understand the laws of God. And they’ll operate and minister in that area. And nothing will be hid from them. And though there are some who stand here now and have operated in a measure in those areas in times passed, and because they’ve let these things slip, they themselves in ministry and in life have slipped. And they shall be restored.

Yea, they shall even be restored this night. And the manifestation shall come and the glory of the Lord shall rest upon it and rest upon thee. And His glory shall be seen round about and the cloud of God will come and fill the house. 

And, yea, it will seem as though the whole building is filled with smoke, because you see, the glory of God shall be in manifestation. And great, great shall be the noise thereof and praise and adoration that shall go up from His people. And it shall be noised abroad. And men from afar shall here it. And men from afar shall here of it. And men from afar shall come to behold it. For the Lord shall be in manifestation in those days in all ways that He ever manifested Himself, both in the Old Covenant and in the New Covenant, plus the multiplying of the Spirit in the power of God of these days.

For men, as men grow more wicked and more wicked, and as Satan, because he knows his time is short, and, all of his cohorts and evil spirits go about as never before to devour, so the power of God, the glory of God, shall be increased and shall be multiplied. And it will flow like a mighty river, flow like a mighty river. Yea, the Spirit of God will flow like a mighty river.

And many, not only hundreds, not only thousands, but millions will be swept into the flow of that river, and shall flow forth in praised and glory. For the glory, for the glory of the Lord is in manifestation. The glory of the Lord will be seen of the face of the saints. The glory of God shall shine forth until men will walk in a place of business and people will fall on their knees and cry out to God though be said nothing. And women will walk into a place of business and people will fall and their knees and cry out to God though she opened not her mouth . For the glory of God will shine through. Yea, the glory of God will shine through.

Yea, the glory of God will shine through. For the manifestation of His power, and the manifestation of His glory, is reserved until this hour! And if it could be told, if it could be told in a way that you could see it, even with the eyes of your spirit, if it could be displayed at this moment before you in a tangible form that you could see with your physical eye, it would be very difficult for you to believe that which shall shortly come to pass. It would be very difficult for you to accept it.

But as you walk with the Lord, as you prepare your heart, as you feed upon His word, as you listen to what the Spirit of God says, your heart shall be prepared, and your mind will be changed until you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as a bird flies through the air. And you’ll flow in the super natural as naturally as a fish will swim in the water. And you’ll flow in the supernatural as naturally as you breathe the very air. You’ll not be conscious of your faith. 

You’ll not be conscious of what’s going on around you. But rather, you’ll be conscious of the flow of the Spirit God. And He will manifest Himself. And He will accomplish that which He desires. For you see, these are the last days, and this is the end time. And what is done must be done quickly. And it will be done. And the hearts of many will be cause to rejoice. So rejoice. Rejoice. Be glad and praise the Lord and prepare your hearts. And let Him prepare you for that which He has prepared for you. 

And so walk in it. You shall walk in it. And you shall run. And you shall fly, literally, spiritually speaking. And you shall enjoy the fullness of that which is provided for you

Imitating Christ - #46: Work Done From the Motive of Charity 1

Never is evil to be done for any worldly gain nor for love of any man. But there are times when a good deed may be deferred for the benefit of one who is in need, or it can be changed to a better deed. In that way the good planned is not undone, but rather is transformed into something better. 

Without charity the outward deed is worthless; but whatever is done out of charity, no matter how small and insignificant, is profitable in the eyes of God, Who looks not so much at what we do, as to the love with which to do it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Imitating Christ - #45: Avoiding Hasty Judgements 3

An old habit is not easily overcome, and men are reluctant to be led beyond their own views. If you cling more to your own reason or will, rather than to humble obedience of Jesus Christ, you will only with difficulty become an enlightened man.  For it is the will of God that we be perfectly subject to Him, rising above our own reason and will by an ardent love.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Imitating Christ - #44: Avoiding Hasty Judgements 2

There is often in us some inward tendency or some outward attraction which carries us along with it.  Many are secretly self seeking and therefore do their own will and not the will of God, though sometimes they are unaware of it.

As long as things go their way, they appear  to be at peace, but if they meet opposition, they become impationent and depressed.  Often through diversities of opinions dissension springs up between friends and neighbors and even among religious and devout person.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Imitating Christ - #43: Avoiding Hasty Judgements 1

Watch over yourself and take care not to judge the actions of other people. 

We gain nothing by criticicizing others, but often are mistaken and thereby offend God.   Nevertheless, to judge yourself and your own actions is always a profitable work.

We often judge a thing according to our preference and therefore our judgement is emotional rather than objective.  This stubborness in our own opinons should not dominate our judgements if our hearts were set on God.

Thomas à Kempis

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Imitating Christ - #42

Through temptations and trials a man's spiritual progress is tested.  If he is fervent and devout and unaware of any difficulties, it is not credit to him; but if he endures patiently inthe time of temptation or adversity, then his spiritual advancement is apparent. 

Some people are kept from grave temptations and yet every day they fall into the same petty faults.  God in His merciful goodness permits this to keep them in humility, so that they will not trust in themselves, seeing how easily they are daily overcome.

We overcome by the blood of the LAMB and the word of our testimony!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Christ Alive Kingston International Missions

During the recent Mission trip to our neighboring island, the mission team reported a number of experiences that I believe will be a blessing to all of you. 

First,  their prayer for a woman that had almost totally lost her sight.  She was immediately healed and began dancing in celebration of God's gift of sight.

A young boy who suffered from polio had one leg shorter than the other was prayed for and his leg immediately grow to the length of the other.  An amazing God!

A woman whose hand was broken in three places, who was in a metal brace was suffering immense pain.  As she was prayed for the pain left and she was able to move her hand without pain or discomfort.   Now the doctors will have to check and remove the metal inserts. 

A young man who suffered from asthma and apparently could not make it to a service was visited at home by the team, although he was short of breath before the prayer that was not the case afterward.  He was led running up and down three flights of stairs and was perfectly well. 

The team shared on the Holy Spirit and a great manifestation of the Spirit came as he baptised many inside and outside the building with the evidence of speaking in tongues. 

Some were set free from demonic bondage, others became pain free from the healing touch of God, while others were blessed to hear a specific and relevant Word from Him. This was an amazing time for the Missions Team and there were many more experiences that were shared. 

Please continue to pray for us as we plan these outreaches to various destinations to carry the word of Power, Healing and deliverance to our brothers and sisters.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Imitating Christ - #41

We should not be discouraged when tempted, but turn in fervent prayer to God, Who, will help us in all our needs.  The Apostle Paul has said that "along with the test He will give you a wy out of it so hat you will be able to endure it" (1 Corinthians 10:13). Let us humbly submit ourselves to God in all trials and temptations, for it is the humble and submissinve that He will save and exalt.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Imitating Christ - #40

Temptations differ with different people; some are greatly tempted in the first stages of turning to God; some have it in their later days; while still others have it all their lives, and there are also those who are only lightly tempted.  But, during these seasons, remember that all things work for our good and the Lord is able to use even these situations to mature his elect.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Imitating Christ - #39

The beginning of all evil temptations is inconstancy of mind and insufficient trust in God.  Just as as a ship without a rudder is tossed about with every storm, so the man who is negligent and abandons his good resolution is tempted in diverse ways.  Gold is tried by fire and the upright man by temptation. Often we do not know what we can do until tempation shows us what we are.

In the early stages of temptation it is necessary to be watchful, for it is easier to overcome the enemy if he is not allowed to enter into your mind, but is resisted and shut out as soon as he knocks.  As someone has said: "Resist the beginning; the cure applied afterwards is too late."

This is how tempation is: first we have a thought, followed by strong imaginings, then the pleasure and evil motions, and finally consent.   This is how the enemy gains full admittance, because he was not resisted at the outset.  The slower we are to resist, the weaker we daily become and the stonger the enemy  is against us.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Imitating Christ - #38

He who only shuns temptation outwardly and does not pull them out by the roots, will make no progress; for they will soon return to harras him and he will be in a worse state.  It is gradually - with patience and endurance and with God's grace  that you will overome temptations sooner than by your own eforts and anxieties.

When you are tempted seek the advice of a wise counsellor, and do not yourself be harsh with a person who is tempted; rather be happy to console him as you would wish to be consoled.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Imitating Christ - #37

As soon as one temptation or trial goes, another comes.  Many try to fly away from temptation only to fall more deeply into it; for you cannot win a battle by mere flight.  It is only by patience and humility that you will be strengthened against the enemy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Imitating Christ - #36

Sometimes temptations can be very severe and troublesome, but if we resist them, they will be very useful to us; for by experiecneing them a man is humbled, cleansed and instructed.  All the saints endured tribulations and temptations and profited by them; while those who did not resist and overcome them fell away and were lost.

There is no place so holy or so remote where you will not meet with temptation, nor is there any man completeley free from it in this life; for in our body we bear the wounds of sin - the weakness of our huuman nature in which we were born.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Imitating Christ - #35

It is not easy to break bad habits and harder still to give up your own will.  But if you do not overcome the little things, how do you expect to overcome the greater?  Therefore, resist your evil inclinations at the start and break off bad habits, or little by little they will lead you into greater difficulties.

If only you would think of the great interior peace you would have and how happy you would make others by doing good, you would be more eager to grow in virtue.