Saturday, May 1, 2010

Healing Testimony #9: A New Lung

During Prayer and Healing School, Pastor was led for several weeks to call a young boy that was there with his mother up to the platform.   Pastor would lay his hand on his head and pray, not specifically for him all the time but he would always place his right hand on the boys head as he would pray for others.    

Pastor was not aware of anything wrong with the child at the time, he was just led to pray for him.  Some time later the young man had an ear infection that caused his mother to take him to see the doctor.  She mentioned to the Doctor that the boy had only one lung (he was born that way) and that it could be a problem with the infection that he was experiencing. 

The Doctor brought her the XRAY of the boy's chest and asked his mother who told her that the boy had only one lung.  A new lung had miraculously appeared and now the young man is running track and doing much more than he was ever capable of accomplishing. 

Glory to God.