Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have noticed over the years of being in Jamaica and around some christians, that there is an overwhelming preoccupation about what others are doing against them.
I have heard the concern about:
1) What words people are being spoken against them
2) What witchcraft is being worked against them
3) What prayers are being prayed against them
4) What actions are being taken against them
I was speaking with the Lord in my personal time and actually said to him, if YOU, Lord cannot keep me and I have to fight all these battles on my own, if I have to be preoccupied with every attack and devise my own protection, then I don't believe that I should be serving you. My time is valuable in praying positively for my people and nation. It is paramount for me to LIVE in him and focus on his will and purpose and not be distracted by every whim and fancy of my enemies.
Our God is an all consuming fire, his word says "no weapon formed against us prospers." He says, his angels stand guard against us. Read the 23rd Psalm again, Read the 91st Psalm, realize the the very Spirit of God raises a standard of protection against our enemies.
The word says, "BE STRONG IN THE LORD, AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!" Not weak and worrying where the next attack will come from. Walk in righteousness and holiness, walk in the LOVE of God and see the salvation of the Lord in all your do!
IF GOD CAN'T KEEP [preserve, guard] ME, WHO CAN? After all, "He is THE ALMIGHTY" maker of heaven and earth! My Friends, if I die, I die for the sake of Christ, if our reputation is damaged because of lying tongues God is our vindicator and avenger, if we live, we live for him and submit ourselves entirely to him!
Pastor Winston