Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Imitating Christ - #43: Avoiding Hasty Judgements 1

Watch over yourself and take care not to judge the actions of other people. 

We gain nothing by criticicizing others, but often are mistaken and thereby offend God.   Nevertheless, to judge yourself and your own actions is always a profitable work.

We often judge a thing according to our preference and therefore our judgement is emotional rather than objective.  This stubborness in our own opinons should not dominate our judgements if our hearts were set on God.

Thomas à Kempis

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Armada said...

Most of the time when we engage in judging people and in particular, making hasty judgements, we are wrong in the conclusions we draw because we don't have all the facts. God is the only one that has all the facts and knowledge about a person, circumstance or situation so we are to leave judgement to the RIGHTEOUS
JUDGE. We are only called upon to judge ourselves.

Dr. Armada