Monday, April 28, 2014

Lessons of Faith 16: "Is My Program Working?"

I was helping one of my teen young men from Kingston with his SBA (Student Based Assessment) for the CXC (Caribbean Examination Council) exams coming up when something occured to me.   I have been a programmer in high level languages, such as Cobol, Fortran, Pascal etc, and low level languages (my preference) such as Assembler and never thought of them and their functioning in terms of Spiritual law.

However, today as I worked on a Pascal program I noticed that 95% of the syntax that this young man had coded was flawed with errors. Equal '=' signs were in the wrong place, colons and equals were placed in the wrong section ":=" and the result was from the beginning a deck of compilation errors.

The errors began in the second line and there were about seventy or so lines of code.  From the beginning the program was flawed and would not even begin to run.   I corrected about 50% of it, and then spoke with him about the problem, gave some pointers and left him, using the correct syntax and procedures to continue with his program.

Our Father (God) provides us with a book of instructions, rather detailed and syntax laden with how we engage him (through salvation); How we live in him, by faith and he provides us with the appropriate template for living a successful christian life in the earth.

Some of us come wanting to use our own methods, our own ways and then expect God to move because of who we are or what we think.  God is God, in Jamaica we say "GOD A GOD!"  We do not exist in a democratic Kingdom, it is his way not our opinion that counts.

Do you want your 'program'  to run syntax free?  Then find out what the Bible, God's own Word says and see what the Kingdom will do for you.  Laws of the Kingdom are like the syntax of the computer, abuse or ignore them and suffer the consequence or we may respect and comply with them and reap the untold benefits of God's Kingdom blessings.

Blessings my friends.
Pastor Winston

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