Monday, April 21, 2014

Lessons of Faith 15: AM I HEARING FROM GOD?

As I drove to Ocho Rios yesterday and approached the Retreat community turnoff, I was prompted by the Spirit to go to The school if one of my boys. This was now the fourth occasion in as many months that The Lord has spoken to me about this school and student in this way.

As I arrived at the school, pulled into the parking lot and walked from the car, the students in My boy's classroom began to gather at the window looking at me from upstairs. The principal had just stepped out of her office and had a look of surprise on her face. It just happened that a short while before, she had just intervened in a situation with my youngster and other boys. My arrival apparently surprised everyone. But that is the how all if us should be in hearing and flowing in the spirit of God.

I decided to sit in the classroom just to observe the teacher and student interaction. The teacher was informed and I proceeded from the principals office to 9-GH and Mr Rose's Social Studies class.

As I sat there my attention was drawn to the seated postures, the poorly lit room, and an atmosphere of failure and defeat that I could cut with a knife, so thick and obvious it was. In a class of about 30, four girls only, not one student had a text book or writing book open, none could sufficiently articulate a point, expressions and grammar were missing the mark and the sheer lack of respect for the teacher and fellow students was eye opening.

After 15 minutes I made my exit with most of the students waving goodbye but with a heavy heart. I walked to my car reliving the sacrifices of our forefathers, their anguish, pain and their blood shed to assure this freedom that we have to be educated and it pained my innermost being, I groaned within. I was overcome with emotion for Christ himself also suffered and died for this liberty and present opportunities we all have.

What can I do, Lord? Was my question, how do I help in changing what I've just seen? He answered throughout the afternoon as I cloistered myself to seek him on this issue. Lord help us to help them 

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