Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Lord’s Own Example

This great prayer reveals also the innermost heart desire of the Lord. What does Christ want most of all? What is the purpose of His heart? Why His death? What’s it really all for? Well, we may see ithere … even thought we may have to read it through our tears.

Christ is interested in us. He wants redeemed men and women to live with Him throughout eternity. The entire purpose of His life and sacrifice is to process our eternal companionship. We are not worthy to even read it. Yet, there it is … ours to read, to meditate upon, to reverently study, and to press it to our hearts. Perhaps this prayer could teach us, more about how our prayers should be fashioned than reams of human advice.

This is the jewel of all prayer - this is the heart of Christ.

See John Chapter 17

Pastor Winston

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