Monday, November 15, 2010

A Paradox of Scripture, Conscience, Culture and Personal Habit

I have heard this word, considered its definition, and I have been blessed to know that I am justified by the acts of our Lord Jesus Christ. The scripture underscores this by stating: “The just, shall live by faith.”

Jesus Christ has justified us, or placed us in right standing with His Father.

However, I have come to understand a new definition of this word through my observations. Many of us, violate our conscience and what we know is the determinate counsel of God by finding ways to Justify ourselves.

Our justification does not come through the blood of Jesus, but it comes through logic, reason and personal opinion. No longer is right - right and wrong - wrong – what is right (correct) and what is wrong is now evaluated in the context of our personal circumstance or our cultural experience.

What is wrong becomes right (or correct) depending on the circumstance in which we find ourselves. What is right to do, is not necessary if we determine that it is not easy, comfortable or feasible for us.

I believe that I have come to a paradox of conscience, scripture, culture and habits. Each one of us, must clearly make the choice to adhere to God’s directive in our ethical and moral standards, what is correct behavior and character cannot be measured from the perspective of personal opinion, culture or anything outside Godly order and divine resolve.

I challenge myself to adhere to God’s determinate counsel in my personal habits and in those things that will cause a stumbling block to others. I challenge you also, in review, to consider your actions that may be outside of the constraints of Godly parameters?

Change our choices, be personally accountable for our actions, walk in Godly truth and Godly ways. Only then, will each one of us, not just attempt, but pursue what is right and correct in Christ. Then we will indeed be transformed and become agents of transformation in our world.

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