Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Imitating Christ - #13

The more a man is united within himself and interiorly simple, the more and higher things doth he understnad without labor; because he receiveth the light of understanding from above.  A pure, simple, and steady spirit is not dissipated by a multitude of affairs, because he performs them all to the honor of God, and endeavors to be at rest within himself and free from all self-seeking.

What is a greater hindrance and trouble to thee than thine own unmortifed affection of heart. A good and devout man first disposes his works inwardly which he is to do outwardly.  Neither do they draw him to the desires of an inordinate inclination, but he bends them to the rule of right reason. Who hath a stronger conflict than he who striveth to overcome himself? And this must be our business, to strive to overcome ourselves, and daily to gain strength over ourselves, and to grow better and better.

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